Why Should You Opt for cTrader?

Traders have usually faced problems like the inability to access the trading and charting view from any device or their chosen platform not supporting all website browsers. But, today, cTrader has undoubtedly raised the bar to excellence in the field of the online trading industry. How? The cTrader Web is a website similar to the trading and charts features of stock marketing, additionally helping manage all the trading on a single web.

Features of Ctrader Web

1. Flexibility

cTrader has the best benefit of allowing its users of Windows or iOS to have an identical website. It might have some minor changes at some parts of the websites. It provides traders with a vast platform in any part of the world.

2. Easy Format

The website is simple to understand. It has made it much easier for traders to look at their overall account details and help them manage their workspace and organise their layouts on one page! Not just this, but the web also provides access to guides, a video library, and links that lead them to some essential features. It allows beginner traders to open demo and live accounts to know the ropes and learn the ropes.

3. Helps in Technical Analysis

The Menu option allows you to look at the watchlist and other options. The users also have a customised indicator and an overview of technical trading, helping them analyse strengths and shortcomings.

4. Supportive Screen

The chart acts as the largest part of the website. Panels are placed on both sides of the screen. With panels and various buttons, you can opt for a multi-chart view, making it more effortless to look at more than two trading charts simultaneously on the same screen!

5. Know the Market

A panel of symbols informs users about the order ticket, market depts, economic values of the current stocks, and the points of the active symbols.

6. Follow the Trade Closely

Below, traders can view their current stocks and also modify them. You can also pay attention to vital details, such as the trader’s stock history, transactions, journals, and price alerts.

7. Supports Browsers

cTrader Web is on all browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, and many more! Now, every stock investor can trade on the cTrader website on any device!

Features of the cTrader Website

  1. The website provides investors with active charts and hot searches to better understand the market.
  2. It recently added FXStreet News with new and additional pieces of information on stocks every day to help users stay up to date with stock affairs every minute.
  3. It calculates the risk factors of every stock chosen with some key features, such as the margin to place an order, the value of the order, and the pip value.
  4. There are numerous controls on charts for dragging and placing charts orders and Take Profit and Stop Loss levels.
  5. You can draw on the charts and point them out as indicators for estimating the upcoming prices.
  6. The low-cost plan helps you save money.

This website is perfect for all traders, beginners or advanced. They have every element a trader could ask for on a single screen: charts, news, panels, analysis, indicators, and many more. Investors can also comfortably move their money in and out of their trading accounts. Every person can start or continue their journey of stock marketing with the cTrader Website happily and safely. What are you waiting for? Begin your online trading journey today!

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