Why Should You Choose Uncontested Divorce in Huntsville?

Divorce is often the most stressful experience of a lifetime. As if the weeks or months leading up to it weren’t enough, a contested divorce can add months or even years to the process with appeals and court hearings. The alternative is an uncontested divorce, which is an option for couples seeking a straightforward way out of their marriage.

In a nutshell, uncontested divorce involves no conflicts between the parties. Both sides agree on all the issues, and there is no question regarding the dissolution of marriage. The decision to divorce often comes with a sense of relief, no more bickering, fighting, or day-to-day stress.  You can seek the professional help of a Huntsville divorce attorney to help you determine whether an uncontested divorce is a good option for you.

Who Should Go for an Uncontested Divorce?

The most important factor in choosing an uncontested dissolution of marriage is the mutual decision to file for the dissolution. When both parties agree that it’s time to end the marriage, then they can opt for an uncontested divorce.

In fact, uncontested divorces are for people who are open to agreeing to the terms of the divorce. If one party is reluctant to agree, or if the parties have different opinions regarding the terms of the settlement, then they will have to go for a contested divorce.

Uncontested divorces are also for couples who want a faster and easier way out of their marriage. Usually, uncontested divorces take less than six months from start to finish, while contested divorces often take at least a year and sometimes longer.

Uncontested Divorce Vs. Contested Divorce

The main difference between contested and uncontested divorce is the level of hostility. An uncontested divorce means that the parties have a cooperative approach toward the proceedings, they are meeting all their financial obligations to each other, and they are simply looking for a way to dissolve their marriage as quickly and smoothly as possible. 

However, several difficulties often arise in contested divorces when one party doesn’t want anything to do with the divorce, refuses to communicate openly, or fails to keep up with financial responsibilities.

Unlike uncontested divorces, contested divorces tend to be more complicated and drawn-out than uncontested divorces. If you can’t agree on the terms of the settlement, it’s going to take longer for your divorce to be finalized. In addition, contested divorces also tend to be more emotionally challenging, both for the parties involved and their families.

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