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Why Does Facebook Have Such Terrible Customer Service?

Since Facebook’s IPO in 2012, Facebook’s stock has soared and now trades nearly 200% higher than it did when it first debuted on the Wall Street. But the social media giant has struggled to increase customer service. Not only is their customer support bad, but it’s only getting worse. Globally, bad customer service costs businesses $338 billion a year. Facebook’s poor customer service is the biggest reason why. f95forum

When users have their accounts hacked, there is little recourse if the account has been misused. Facebook relies on automated systems to identify suspicious activity and reset passwords. The only way to reach a human is through a chatbot or an FAQ, but even then, you may not get the answer you need. Furthermore, Facebook’s customer support is limited to answering general questions. If you need help, you may have to wait a few days for a reply.

As the feedback score goes up, Facebook also ranks businesses based on how well their services have served customers. Facebook’s feedback system ranks pages from one to five, with a high score indicating positive customer feedback. A low score indicates average customer feedback, which is worse than nothing, so you should be aware of that. The bottom line is that Facebook wants your business to remain at the top, so don’t forget to address concerns when they arise. dumpor

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