Why are GK Questions Important for Students?

General Knowledge is always exciting for students from their primary education onwards. It offers students a chance to improve their knowledge of the national and international events occurring in the world. It plays a vital role in the student’s life as the questions in competitive examinations are asked from general knowledge. It is a scoring subject if a student answers it correctly, but most of them find it challenging to identify the important topics. The GK section is a significant part of UPSC, bank exams and other government exams.

For the Class 5 students, various questions based on the world, India, sports, computers, general science and current affairs are covered. If a student memorises the GK Questions for Class 5, answering most of the questions will be very effortless. The faculty make use of simple language to enhance the understanding and update the students regarding the various developments which are occurring currently and in the past.

Purpose of GK questions

  1. The primary purpose of studying GK is to make everyone aware of the current affairs occurring in the world.
  2. General awareness questions are asked in various competitive exams. SSC, PSC, bank exams, LIC, FCI, RBI, railways, metro and state exams require a good knowledge of GK questions.
  3. Students can clear the competitive exams and obtain government jobs based on their performance.
  4. Possessing a good understanding of the GK and current affairs improves self-confidence in answering the questions.
  5. In the curriculum of school students, the Indian government has added multiple choice questions. as it is crucial for the students to learn them well.
  6. Going through the general knowledge questions will improve students’ reading skills.
  7. Most students spend their time on the internet and social media in the developing world. By being interested in obtaining information, students will stay occupied trying to know more interesting facts.
  8. A person with a good hold on GK will have good leadership skills. Most of the students are provided with higher positions in their jobs.
  9. Students with GK find it very easy to socialise with others. They will have the ability to start a conversation and engage others in their discussion easily.
  10. In the competitive world, students with more GK will be able to stand out in a group of people. It will help bring out their abilities and ideas, leading to further development.
  11. By having good general knowledge, students will get to know the different career opportunities provided in news and radio.
  12. History, science and other subjects will be elementary to remember if a student understands the basic questions.
  13. Investing time learning new things will help you attain remarkable knowledge beyond the academic marks.

These are the few reasons why a student has to improve their general knowledge. Students can also learn the Unseen passage for Class 7, which has to be read thoroughly and the questions based on them have to be answered effectively. Reading the passages will mainly help increase the English grammar and literature among the students, which is essential from the exam perspective.

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