Throw Yourself an At-Home Spa With the Everlasting Comfort Bath Pillow

Ever have one of those days that just seemed to drag on and on? What about a week where life just seemed to fall apart and you had to try your best to keep it together the whole time? The unfortunate part about life is that often times we can experience hardships and stress without even seeing it coming. What’s more, is that sometimes it doesn’t even have to be ‘bad’ things that make us feel tired or unprepared, it can just be the normal grind.

When it comes to learning how to ‘do life’, everyone is going to be finding out how they best handle things like stress and challenge at their own pace and at their own timing. Every person is different and learning the various ways that you handle the harder moments in life will be a personal journey. filmefy One way of helping to ensure that you take care of yourself and give yourself the proper room to learn how to do life is by practicing self-care.

What is Self-Care?

Self-care is a concept that revolves around giving yourself a break and indulging in things that really bring you rest and fulfillment. The interesting thing about self-care is that it’s different for everyone. Some people might find that one of the most effective ways to recoup from a busy week is by spending an entire day on the couch with their favorite movie marathon. Others, even in the face of an equally trying week, might find that their best form of self-care is a rigorous hike outdoors that challenges them on a different level.

One of the most important things to remember when embarking on a journey of self-care is that there is no wrong answer. Just because your expression of self-care may look different from even those you are closest to, does not imply that you or they are ‘doing it wrong. Every person will have a unique road, however, there are certain tools that can really help you get the most out of your self-care days.

For people who enjoy spa-like treatments, and look forward to the solace of a bathtub soak, their favorite essential oils, and a glass of their favorite wine, the bath pillow could be an awesome tool.

What is a Bath Pillow?

A bathtub pillow, like this amazon bath pillow from Everlasting Comfort, is an incredible tool that can transform your bath into a luxurious spa-like experience. Made from premium memory foam and designed to handle your bathtub without expanding, becoming uncomfortable, or sinking to the bottom of the tub, this pillow will do wonders for your bath experience. Using four high-quality suction cups, it is designed to fit almost any bathtub.

All you do is attach it to the wall of your bathtub, lean back, and relax. It has a unique ergonomic design that makes it perfect for helping you to alleviate pressure and stress. It supports your shoulders and neck in a way that will make you never want to take another bath without it.

How Do You Create a Spa Day Using the Everlasting Comfort Bath Pillow?

When it comes to creating a spa day using this Everlasting Comfort bath pillow, it may be easier than you think. Making a special event out of your bath is a wonderful time to practice self-care in a way that can really rejuvenate you and help you feel well rested. Here are some easy ways to do just this using the Everlasting Comfort bath pillow.

Essential Oils

One of the best ways to relax and unwind when it comes to bath day is by using your favorite essential oils to really soak into your best comfort. Essential oils are famous for having robust benefits for personal health, including their ability to help promote your natural rest and relax pathways and diminish stress. When it comes to using them in your bathtub, all you have to do is add one or two drops of your favorite essential oil or blend of essential oils and relax.

This will help fill the room with a delicious aroma of essential oils, and help you experience their benefits. Throw some bubbles into the mix, and you can experience a heavenly scented bubble bath to make it even better.

Your Favorite Wine and Music

The last elements you need for a DIY spa day, are going to be your favorite wine and your favorite music. Dim the lights, and enjoy some awesome, restful, and restorative self-care time. thedocweb


The Everlasting Comfort bath pillow really works to transform your bath time into a spa-level experience. With your favorite essential oils, wines, music, and some dim lighting – you can have the self-care bath time of your dreams!

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