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Baza Quan is an excellent academic student who has excelled at her studies and who has also excelled in her musical endeavors. Baza is currently a singer and she has released her album entitled Queen of Chamorro Music. This album contains songs which focus on love and loss and are the perfect examples of the artist’s talents.

Baza Quan excelled academically

Baza Quan is a Guam native who has mastered the art of fundraising and is currently a licensed real estate agent. She has also taken the time to do some community service. She served as President of the National Honor Society at her alma mater. She also helped to promote Chamorro cultural heritage. She has had some of her music played on local radio stations and she has even made appearances in person.

It was in her honor that she was given a Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2011 Chamorro Island Music Awards. She was one of six recipients in the show’s eight year history. While she has made a few special appearances, she is rarely seen these days. Despite her busy schedule, she has maintained her commitment to music by writing and performing her own tracks. She has produced two songs on her Casamiento album. She has also co-composed the Notre Dame High School’s alma mater.

Baza Quan’s music is about love and loss

Baza Quan is a popular local artist and her songs have become a hit on Guam radio. She is a native of Sinajana village in central Guam. Her music is infused with contemporary influences. She has a melodic voice that complements her lyrics. Several of her songs are about love and loss.

Baza Quan is a member of the Chamorro Heritage Foundation. The Foundation was established to coordinate cultural activities in the region. She has been instrumental in promoting and preserving the Chamorro language. She has also been involved with community service. She has volunteered with the War Reparation Task Force and served on the Board of Directors for the CAHA. She has worked on the construction of several new schools and gyms in the area. She has also lent her talents to a documentary series about life on Guam during World War II.

The best-known Baza Quan song is “The Many Faces of Guam”, a 50-minute work that documented the life of a typical Chamorro during that time. The title track has a catchy tune and a powerful meditation on the loss of someone you loved.

Baza Quan’s album Queen of Chamorro Music

Flora Baza Quan is known as the Queen of Chamorro Music. She has recorded many popular songs in the Chamorro language. Her work has been featured in her own album, Queen of Chamorro Music.

She is a mother of four children. She has received awards for her work including the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2011 Chamorro Island Music Awards. Her work is still played during local dance performances. She is also featured in a series of books entitled Hale’-ta: Who’s Who in Chamorro History.

She is the author of a book titled “Flora Baza – the Queen of Chamorro Music”. Her book features musical arrangements for the piano and vocals. Her book is available at the Cathedral Basilica Gift Shop and Chode Mart. She is giving a lecture in November at the University of Guam Class Lecture Hall. Her lecture will be free for the public. The lecture is sponsored by the Dean’s Office at CLASS and the Office of the President at UOG.

Baza Quan’s latest songs

Flora Baza Quan is known as the Queen of Chamorro Music. Her music is a staple in the Guam dance scene. Her latest songs are a combination of traditional and contemporary styles. Her lyrics are written in Chamorro with an English synopsis. Her lyrics are also printed on her CDs.

She was crowned Miss Asia in 1971, and the first Chamorro to win an international beauty competition. She is also a pioneer in promoting the Chamorro culture. She is an active member of the Chamorro Heritage Foundation. She is also the Executive Director of the University of Guam Endowment Program. She is a licensed real estate agent. She has six children.

She is also a member of the Chi Omicron Gamma National Honor Society. She earned a BA in sociology from the University of Guam, and an MBA from the University of Phoenix. She has also served as a board member of the Guam Economic Development Authority. She has worked as a project manager and fundraiser for several local organizations. She is a certified fundraising professional from the Purdue University Fundraising School.


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