Resolve Your Pup’s Excessive Chewing Habit With These 3 Rules

Dogs chew, and that is normal. However, it can get tricky when your pup nibbles on every chewable object it comes across inside the home. Excessive chewing, especially on hard things, can put your furry little pup at health risk, which is why you can consider buying dog-safe chew toys they can conveniently gnaw on.

Otherwise, unrestrained chewing can injure your pupper’s teeth and gums to the extent that they find it hard to eat food. In such a case, you will have to spend money on replacing household things sabotaged by your fur baby and getting them tested and treated. Quickly your total expenses can run up to thousands of dollars.

But wait, do you have dog insurance NZ? If yes, your pet insurance policy could possibly help you with the unanticipated vet bills. Else, know that the best pup insurance can cover a puppy’s diagnosis and treatment costs during accidents, allergies, injuries, sickness, dental conditions, health emergencies, and more.

Whether you are looking to purchase a new policy or considering swapping your current policy, take your time to assess your fur baby’s health needs, policy benefits, and budget before signing up. At the same time, learn the reasons for your puppy’s chewing issues and how to resolve them.

Why does your puppy chew?

Dogs have their reasons for engaging in continuous chewing behavior. Some common reasons for a puppy’s endless chewing conduct are instincts, stress, entertainment, and boredom. If your pup has very little to do indoors or doesn’t have an active lifestyle, it most likely tries to burn out the pent-up energy by working with the few things it has and chewing objects that are accessible.

At the same time, reprimanding your four paws is not the solution. Instead, talk to your puppy gently, beg it to drop the item it was busy destroying, clean up the mess in the living room, and move on with life, so both are at peace. However, all is not lost; you can enroll your furry pet in behavioral training classes, so they get to be occupied and learn correct behavior.

Puppies do make mistakes. So, acknowledge and focus on fixing their flaws in a positive manner.

How to resolve your puppy’s chewing issue?

To let your puppy walk the path of good behavior, there are three things you can provide tv bucetas.

1.Fun environment

A puppy needs sufficient physical and mental stimulation opportunities, so they don’t quickly get bored. For instance, take the puppy out for brief walks, dog parks, pet community events, long drives, road trips, new places, etc. Your puppy will love the change of air and thank you for doing splendid paw service.

2.Interactive games

You don’t need to always venture out with your furry baby for recreation. You can do many things indoors, on the terrace/balcony, in the garden, backyard, and other home areas. Plus, consider including various puppy play things, toys, and treats to make activities more exciting for your fur companion.

3.Puppy pampering

Take your fur baby to a puppy spa or the groomers for occasional pampering. Your puppy needs these extra feel-good sessions apart from the routine trips you both usually make. You can also consider shopping for new pet outfits and accessories in which you can dress your puppy comfortably.

Because of its bouncy nature, a frisky pup’s life can be delightful and dangerous simultaneously. And this is why you must contemplate purchasing dog insurance in NZ. The best pup insurance can provide your puppy pal comprehensive health coverage. In contrast, you can explore other affordable cheap pup insurance plans if all that your pup needs is basic health coverage.

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