Reasons Why You Should Not Choose Divorce Mediation

When two people decide to get apart, there are several legalities and processes they must follow. Although divorce is a viable option for both partners, they must think of ways they want their divorce to proceed. For some, divorce mediation works the best, while for others, not so much.

For example, suppose you and your spouse are seeking a divorce, and you both have no disputes, or either of you has never violated the marriage rule. In that case, a neutral mediator might help you lay out your terms and conditions for divorce. 

However, if your divorce is complex, you must seek legal advice from an experienced divorce attorney from Karp & Iancu, S.C., as soon as possible. Divorce mediation is not an option for everyone; however, meeting later will help you decide what is best for your situation.

Reasons why you should not choose divorce mediation 

You must be wondering what is wrong with seeking divorce mediation and avoiding all the court hassle, so here are a few reasons that will make you reconsider divorce mediation.

  • You are a victim of domestic abuse.

If your parent has tried harming you or being violent with you in the past or present, divorce might not be your best option. You must get professional help from a lawyer and know your rights to protect yourself and your children from your spouse. 

Experiencing abuse during or at some point in your relationship can impact your mental health, and you might feel intimidated or threatened by your partner during mediation. 

Although most mediators take precautions and ensure that the mediation happens in a secure, comfortable place for both partners, the abuse victims might not be in the correct mental state. In such a situation, you must hire a lawyer that can speak on your behalf. 

  • Your partner has been untrustworthy in the past. 

Sometimes one partner might discover that their spouse is hiding things like marital assets, wasting savings, or not being truthful about everything. In such cases of divorce, mediation is simply a waste of time for both partners. 

Divorce mediation requires both partners to be honest, reveal all their belonging, and stick to the rules. Otherwise, there is no room for negotiation in a divorce mediation case. 

This is because one partner is not fully aware of all the assets, debts, and other things their partner owns, which will result in an unfair distribution between the two bad later give rise to more complications.

  • Your partner might not begin the procedure on time.

Since the mediator has no right to command anything from both parties, your partner might take advantage of divorce mediation to avoid paying support. 

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