Payments Towards Requests Higher Than 2000 Are Not Allowed As Per UPI Guidelines

Previously, there was no limit on the number of transactions you can make through UPI Densipaper. However, the new guidelines are changing that. Now, payments towards requests higher than 2000 are not allowed. The new guidelines are effective from the next fiscal year. These guidelines are intended to encourage genuine transactions in the UPI ecosystem magazines2day.

However, if you want to make payments on a recurring basis, you may want to consider using other methods. For example, if you wish to pay your electricity bill every month, you will not be able to use UPI to make this transaction. You may want to check with your bank to determine whether the limits apply to you lifestylemission.

Similarly, payments towards requests of more than 2000 are not allowed as per UPI guidelines. There are a number of different banks that have different limits for UPI transactions. While the limit for IDFC bank is Rs 30,00000, other limited public sector banks and recognized private banks have different limits getliker.


UPI is an online payment system. It can be integrated into mobile applications. And as long as a merchant is listed in the appropriate category, the transaction limit will be based on their bank’s guidelines. A merchant can be in either P2P or Specific Category. The former is intended for small merchants ventsmagazine.

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