Is Clothing Meaningful in Movies?

Considering the power of clothing in visual media, it’s natural for audiences to form opinions about how characters look. After all, clothing can speak volumes about a character’s personality. And it’s not just clothing that can influence how we feel about a character. The script, setting, and other elements of a story can affect how audiences feel about the character, but the clothing that characters wear as well.

The early twentieth century saw the creation of the movie industry, with costume designers often recreating popular fashion. The ‘Big Five’ film studios hired fashion designers and costume designers to create costumes that captured the spirit of the time. These screen idols became popular role models and, in many ways, public figures. They had the perfect package. But did it really influence our behavior? The answer is yes and no.

Some movies use clothing to create atmosphere. While costumes are often designed to convey a mood, they also convey a character’s attitude. Wong Kar-wai, for example, used clothing to set the tone of a story. In “In the Mood For Love,” Maggie Cheung and Tony Leung wore outfits reminiscent of safari attire. Many of these outfits are still popular today.

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