HealthTap as a Tool for Health Literacy

If you’re searching for an affordable, convenient, and effective way to access medical help, HealthTap is an ideal solution. It provides a community of doctors who are accessible 24/7.

The HealthTap platform offers a doctor-reviewed online symptom checker powered by AI and an interactive Q&A tool where real doctors answer patient questions. With this data, members can make an informed decision about their care options.

It’s easy to use

HealthTap provides an accessible, cost-effective solution for anyone seeking medical advice. With 24/7 access to an expansive network of doctors who can offer help via video chat or text messaging, HealthTap makes connecting with a doctor easier than ever before.

Members can utilize an AI-augmented symptom checker for guidance before consulting with a doctor, so they know what steps to take next. They may also submit anonymous questions to HealthTap doctors for free responses within 24 hours.

Additionally, a network of 90,000 volunteer U.S. doctors across 147 specialties provide free informational answers to members’ health queries through the HealthTap app.

HealthTap’s app can be downloaded on both iOS and Android devices for free sign up, with members paying small fees for deeper engagement with doctors and quicker service. In addition, the company recently released a Talk to Docs app at $.99 which allows users to ask their questions via voice call.

It’s affordable

HealthTap is an accessible telehealth service that offers 24/7 care via text or video. Its doctors are qualified to diagnose, prescribe medication, order lab tests, and make referral recommendations. HealthTap makes getting healthy easier than ever with its convenient 24/7 coverage of care options.

Most telehealth services require patients to pay out-of-pocket for consultations. HealthTap, however, offers upfront pricing and an affordable monthly subscription plan called Prime for just $15 a month. With 24/7 access to two doctors per device, $100 off online therapy visits with Talk space, and your choice of primary care doctor, Prime members get great value at an affordable price point.

The company also provides a free library of questions answered by doctors and an AI-augmented symptom checker. The latter assists people in understanding which symptoms require medical attention.

It’s convenient

Some companies in the digital health space focus on a single problem, but HealthTap takes an holistic approach. It provides free tools that assist patients in understanding their symptoms and navigating care options – from wellness to sickness – for all stages of life.

This app enables users to submit questions anonymously and receive a response within 24 hours. They can also request consultations through live video or text.

HealthTap’s HIPAA-compliant technology guarantees your security during a consultation, keeping all medical records protected. Plus, when you submit insurance information, the app automatically checks eligibility and submits electronic claims on your behalf – saving both time and money!

HealthTap also provides a convenient subscription model, allowing members to pay one flat rate for consultations and unlimited visits. This is especially beneficial for families with multiple children or individuals with complex healthcare requirements.

It’s HIPAA-compliant

HealthTap provides users with the power to securely communicate with a doctor via video, text or voice – making it an excellent tool for increasing health literacy.

It also gives users access to their personal medical records, which are accessible to physicians and other healthcare professionals within their community. This data can be utilized for improved patient care as well as the quality of healthcare delivery.

HIPAA compliance is essential for mobile apps that collect, store, or transmit Protected Health Information (PHI), such as lab results, pharmaceutical prescriptions, billing and insurance information. While this can be challenging to determine in the early stages of development, there are a few simple tests you can run to confirm your app complies with HIPAA requirements.


Another example, which asks users a series of questions to help pinpoint their symptoms and connect them with the appropriate doctor. This falls under HIPAA as it collects and transmits PHI (protected health information) to doctors, pharmacies, and other healthcare organizations.

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