A comprehensive guide to 188BET

188Bet is a forward-thinking bookmaker with years of experience in online gambling, with a focus on sports betting. It quickly rose to prominence among bookmakers in Thailand, Indonesia, and other Asian countries after its initial launch in 2006. 

Later, it expanded to include the United Kingdom and other countries, and it became well-known by endorsing numerous events.

In this section, we’ll look more closely at the features of this website. This 188Bet review goes over the website’s banking options, as well as the 188Bet bonus, special offers, live betting options, and mobile betting apps.

188bet website & how to sign up

Because of its appealing and modern design, visitors to the Bet188 sports betting website can choose from a variety of colour schemes. There are numerous options on the main menu, including Esports, Sports, Racing, and Casino. 

The provided panel on the left side of the screen makes switching between events much easier and more comfortable.

After selecting 188BET as your safe betting site, you can quickly open a new account. The “Sign up” and “Login” buttons are located in the upper-right corner of the screen. Throughout the registration process, you must provide basic information such as your name, email address, and currency. 

It also requires a unique login and an optional password. To make your account more secure, you must also provide a security question.

Following the completion of the account creation and verification process, you must take additional steps to verify your identity using the required documentation.

Buying methods

188Bet’s payment methods are straightforward. Because it accepts a wide range of currencies, you can conduct your transactions using one of the most widely used payment systems in the world.

Deposit methods

188Bet will assist you completely regardless of whether you use a credit card or another payment method such as Neteller or Skrill. Making money deposits is free of charge, and the minimum deposit amount is £1. 

The 188Bet welcome bonus is one of the incentives that cannot be combined with certain payment methods, such as Skrill. Depending on your strategy, the recommended deposit for high rollers runs between £20,000 and £50,000.

Withdrawal methods

188Bet’s withdrawals and payouts are perfect. The same payment methods that are used for deposits, cheques, and bank transfers may also be utilised to deposit money into your bank account quickly. There are no fees for withdrawals, just as there are none for contributions. Depending on how you use it, the system may authorise your transaction in a few hours to five days. The maximum withdrawal amounts for Skrill and Visa are £50,000 and £20,000, respectively. Almost all of the payment methods are mobile device friendly.

188bet bonuses and deals

There are numerous promotions at 188Bet, demonstrating how much this bookmaker values bonuses. You may expect intriguing promos on 188Bet that will urge you to choose the site as your main betting choice.

Items in the 188Bet new client offer change often to guarantee that these options are appropriate for a variety of scenarios and epochs. 188Bet’s bonus options are not limited to signup deals. In addition to poker and casino bonuses, there are items available for other sports.

Where can I play?

Fortunately, 188Bet provides a diverse choice of athletic events and betting options. Whether it’s virtual games or live athletic events, the enormous assortment will satisfy all of your needs.

Betting on athletes

Sports betting is the most popular market for bookmakers in Europe. Because of the wide range of sports, leagues, and events available, anybody with any interest may enjoy placing bets on their favourite teams and players.

A sports book

Football is by far the most popular sport on the list of sports betting websites. Football is well covered at 188Bet’s sportsbook, according to customer reviews. 

You may use the strategy to bet on over 400 leagues. Basketball, tennis, horseback riding, baseball, ice hockey, golf, and other sports are available in addition to football activities.

Special events

188Bet also supports other betting events that take place throughout the year. If you appreciate music, you might bet on the Eurovision Song Contest participants and utilise your gambling to improve your pleasure of this worldwide song contest. 

These one-of-a-kind events broaden the betting alternatives available, and 188Bet offers its customers a memorable experience via one-of-a-kind events.

Sporting occasions

Do you like playing computer games? If this is the case, you may be able to place bets on video game competitions. 

Remember that, with the exception of in-play wagers, all of these bets will be worthless if the game starts before the stated time. In other words, beyond the specified period, the stakes are usually not considered genuine. 

The same criteria apply if the number of rounds varies from what was originally planned and declared.

Live betting at 188bet

Because of the dynamic live betting function enabled by the 188Bet website, you may nearly always witness an ongoing event. Basketball, tennis, and football matches from different leagues may all be used.

Getting to the 188Bet live betting area is a piece of cake. Simply choose “IN-PLAY” to see the most current live events and filter the results based on your choices. The panel provides all of the information you need for each match and is updated in real time.

Live streaming

188Bet’s in-play features go beyond live betting with ongoing events and vital information. Rather than the game’s actual video, the platform displays graphical play-by-play commentary with all game stats.

This panel can show you a variety of things, including:

  • Attacks on the Horizon
  • Corners
  • Attacks
  • The Blue Cards
  • The Yellow Card
  • Targeted Gunfire
  • Penalties

This platform feature has been lauded in several 188Bet reviews, and we believe it is an excellent resource for anyone interested in live betting.

188BET mobile betting and app

Betting on our iphones should be no different from other regular jobs!

To access the platform on your mobile device, there are two ways to utilise the 188Bet website:

  • The Bet188 mobile betting platform is accessible through your smartphone, allowing you to effortlessly manage your accounts and bets. You must log in to your account each time you use the 188Bet platform on your mobile phone’s browser.
  • The professional application: You may simply install an 188Bet app version that is compatible with your operating system (Android and ios). Due to gambling restrictions, the 188Bet mobile app cannot be downloaded from well-known app stores. Instead, go to the 188Bet website in your browser, choose the mobile category beneath the banner, and download the 188Bet app. You will not have to enter your account details every time.
  • Receiving useful notifications and some special bargains offered to app users is a fantastic feature.

Make a payment

Only certain sports and events are eligible for 188Bet cash out. As a consequence, you should not expect it to be accessible for every bet you place. Partial cashouts are permitted only when a minimum unit stake remains on each side of the designated range. 

Furthermore, the distinct signal you see on events that support this functionality reveals the specific amount that will be paid to your account if you cash out.

Odds: 188 BET

According to the website, its prices are 20% cheaper than those of other betting exchanges. Bet188 Sports Betting is a well-known bookmaker for these sports due to the high number of football leagues it covers. 1.97-1.97 odds in 50-50 markets reflect the platform’s small margins and attempts to give competitive odds. 

Furthermore, Asian Handicap’s working circumstances are great since its wage margins are approximately 1.5%. Furthermore, if you make many wagers, the site will offer you greater odds.

Selected products

Aside from sports, the 188Bet sports betting website provides a wide range of other products. There is an online casino with over 800 games from well-known software providers such as Microgaming and betsoft. If you’re looking for a live casino, you may find it on the 188Bet website.

Furthermore, 188Bet offers a poker platform that runs on the Microgaming Poker Network. There are low- and high-stakes tournaments, as well as free ones.

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