7 Hacks for Consuming Cannabis without Smoking

Smoking cannabis is the best way to let CBD enter your body. However, if you have any respiratory-driven disease and don’t want to smoke cannabis to stay on the safe side, then you’re not out of options. There are several other ways you can consume cannabis without having to smoke. In this blog, we will share seven easy methods for consuming cannabis you shouldn’t ignore – let’s dive in!

1. Edible Products

Consuming cannabis is the easiest if you choose edible products. For example, weed cookies are one of the best ways to enjoy weed at a home party. Weed cookies can last anywhere between three to six months if stored properly.

Eating weed cookies is not the only method for consuming cannabis. Remember that you don’t necessarily have to be a good chef to consume weed through edible products.

Many edible weed products are available in the market that you can easily buy online. For example, CBD gummies have become increasingly famous nowadays.

These gummies have amazing taste, and you can carry them wherever you want. Buying CBD gummies isn’t difficult at all. Online stores like sell THC gummies you can eat if you want to enjoy a booze-free buzz.

Shopping for CBD edibles online is easier if you don’t have time to prepare anything yourself. However, if you want to improve your cooking/baking skills and learn how to consume cannabis carefully, then you can try cooking weed edibles at your home.

2. Pills and Capsules

You will take extra calories if you consume CBD gummies or cookies daily. To regulate your calorie intake, you should try taking weed pills.

Taking cannabis pills or capsules is the best option if you’re consuming cannabis purely for medicinal reasons. The good thing about pills is that they are easy to consume and allow you to take precise doses of CBD.

Cannabis pills are ideal for those patients who cannot smoke weed or cook weed edibles. These pills can be taken with tap water and ensure that you don’t “OD” on weed. If you want to try marijuana for medicinal purposes but don’t like the idea of smoking, then you can try taking weed pills.

FDA strictly regulates any dietary supplements or pills made of CBD. Therefore, if you want to carry CBD pills with you, you first need to check the legality of CBD in your area to avoid legal complications.

Another thing to note about CBD pills is that they are not the normal “Over-the-counter” drugs. You’ll have to find online stores that sell weed pills in your area.

3. CBD Bath Bombs

You should try CBD bath bombs if you love taking baths at your home. Taking a cannabis-infused bath at the end of a hectic day is the best way to de-stress your body and sore muscles. The CBD bath bomb may or may not produce the “high,” so you have to be careful about the ingredients of your CBD bath bomb.

Weed can be absorbed through your skin and reach the bloodstream. Taking a bath with a CBD bath bomb that contains THC may make you feel high, so you have to be careful about the bath bombs you buy.

Broad-spectrum CBD bath bombs that don’t have THC are the best option if you don’t want to feel high. Some bath bombs available in the market have essential oils which not only have a great aroma but also soothe your skin.

4.  Transdermal Patches

If you don’t want to smoke, take a bath or eat any CBD product, then using transdermal patches is an ideal option to let CBD enter your bloodstream. Transdermal CBD patches have only recently made their way to the market.

Transdermal patches allow CBD to enter your bloodstream through the skin. The good thing about these patches is that they can provide longer effects. If you don’t get your desired effects, you can easily remove the transdermal patch to avoid the potential side effects of CBD.

Applying transdermal CBD patches is not difficult at all. You can easily put this patch on any part of your body to get relief lasting up to 12 hours. Most users of transdermal CBD patches claim they don’t feel any cerebral effects after applying a patch.

Transdermal CBD patches seem to be the perfect option if you want to try CBD for the first time. However, before you apply the patch to your body, you should get advice from your doctor.

5.  Cannabis Powder

CBD gummies have a great taste, but they’re not good for diabetic patients. If you cannot use CBD bath bombs daily, you can try consuming cannabis powder. You can easily consume weed in powdered form by dissolving it in tap water igadgetnewstoday.

Studies have revealed that CBD powder provides 5x greater bioavailability than CBD tinctures or oils available in the market. Therefore, if you want to get proper results from CBD, then you should start consuming CBD powder after getting a green signal from your doctor.

6.   Tinctures

CBD tinctures are a good option if you want to take precise doses of CBD. Most people confuse CBD tinctures with CBD oils. However, there is a lot of difference between the two products. CBD oils are made by diluting CBD with oils. CBD tincture has CBD suspended in alcohol, which is why it produces different results than CBD oils.

CBD tinctures are available in different flavors. Sweeteners or flavors are added to CBD tinctures to change their bitter taste. These tinctures are either made through CO2 Extraction or Ethanol. Relying on CO2 Extraction is a better option as CO2 isn’t flammable foodiesfact.

CBD tinctures are easily available online. You should buy CBD tinctures if you want to consume a precise amount of CBD igadgetnow.

7. Topicals

Using CBD topicals is the easiest way to let CBD enter your body. CBD topicals like balms and gels can be applied directly to your skin. As mentioned above, CBD is absorbed through your skin and enters your bloodstream.

The good thing about the topical application of CBD products is that it provides quick results. For example, if you apply CBD to treat pain, it’s better to use CBD topicals on your skin instead of consuming CBD edibles or oils newspinup.

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