5 Commonly Asked Questions About Extended Motor Warranties

Murphy’s law is an old saying that if anything can go wrong, it probably will, and at the most inconvenient of times. Unfortunately, the financial consequences can be traumatic when this involves your vehicle. Fortunately, extended warranty insurance exists for this exact purpose; to ease the burden of paying a significant amount in the face of hefty repair costs.

This article will look at some frequently asked questions about extended motor warranties.

1. What Exactly Is An Extended Motor Warranty?

An extended motor warranty is offered to vehicle owners once their original manufacturer’s car warranty has expired. Extended warranties offer safety that assists with unforeseen electrical failure or mechanical breakdown.

2. Why Do I Need An Extended Motor Warranty?

You may think there is no need for an extended warranty insurance, but the comfort and peace of mind are well worth it. When you buy a new vehicle, it comes standard with the manufacturer’s warranty. This car warranty will remain effective for a given period or set the number of kilometers. However, when this manufacturer’s warranty lapses, you will have no cover; should an unexpected electrical failure or mechanical breakdown occur, you will be accountable for the restoration costs. An extended motor warranty gives you the cover you need once your original manufacturer’s warranty ends.

3. Which are the Parts Generally Not Covered By An Extended Car Warranty?

A motor warranty is intentionally designed to cover malfunctions up to a definite amount, so it is essentially insurance for your motor. Extended vehicle warranties do not include coverage for ‘wear and tear items or consumables.

4. What Is The Difference Between An Extended Warranty, Maintenance Plan and Service Plan?

Although these terms are often used conversely, they do not mean the same thing. Let’s take a look at what each word means.

Extended Warranty – An extended warranty covers set car parts up to a particular value. These warranties can be bought before your manufacturer’s contract runs out.

Service Plan – A service plan is perfect if you are required to service your car at stated servicing intervals whilst knowing that professionals carry it out. These plans do not allow cover for wear and tear objects like brake pads.

Maintenance Plan – A maintenance plan will include regular services, wear and tear, and the cost of restoring carried out in the event of major component failure.

Now that we have a deeper grasp of how an extended motor warranty differs from maintenance and service plans let’s look at what can cause them to be void.

5. How Can An Extended Warranty Claim Be Voided?

To avoid any claims being declined, you must fulfill the essentials of an extended motor warranty policy. Here are a few root causes that could result in a claim being void :

  • If you don’t stick to recommended servicing intervals.
  • You choose to go with counterfeit parts during repairs.
  • You are ignoring warning lights that have been illuminated on your vehicle’s dashboard or any noticeable electrical and mechanical faults.
  • You are modifying your vehicle outside of the manufacturer’s standard specification.
  • You are failing to follow a motor warranty provider’s claim procedure.
  • You end up using the incorrect fluids or fuel.

As a vehicle owner, You should make sure to get your car checked and serviced regularly. The integral Part of this is to know what has to be done when your original manufacturer’s warranty ends. Knowing the facts and features of a motor warranty allows you to keep your car healthy while being economical in the future makeeover.

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