5 Best-Selling New Arrivals for Men in Egypt

Egypt is a country of heritage and culture enriched with the clothes and designs all showing it off. Even with the men’s clothing, the Egyptian designers always make sure to provide the premium quality dresses. Following the line we can also see many different traditions influenced into the one Egyptian tradition. However let’s be real, many things have changed in the fashion industry. One of these things is how people dress now which can be seen changing drastically in the Egypt.

With the modernity in the industry many people have shifted to pants, shirts, t-shirts, polos and much more. Day by day we can look around and find the fashion going towards western wear more and more. Egyptian men more commonly now wear long sleeves shirts with light or dark colors depending on the weather. During scorching heat of summers the preferences change to the half sleeves, polos and more. Light colors are worn in the summers to reflect the sunlight whereas the dark hues are worn to absorb heat.

Be it western-style dressing or traditional, selecting the right one for yourself is a difficult task. From a huge variety of designs, styles and tones it hard to choose the best. For this reason this blog will guide you to buy the right style from the huge collection of new arrivals for men. In this article we hand-picked top 5 latest arrivals only for you.

1- Men Striped Polo Shirt

Stay worry-free with the stylish and elegant style in the newest arrivals with Men Striped Polo Shirt. The product is designed with the extremely soft and stretchable fabric to provide you ease and comfort as you wear it. The collared neck is widely preferred everywhere with the beautiful light heather gray color.

The strip details enhance the entire look of the design and two color elements is also a plus point of this shirt. The size is true to your fitting providing you room to move however you want. The style doesn’t restrict this shirt; whether it’s work or a little stroll, you can wear it everywhere. Buy the premium quality shirts with different color combo with the Amazon promotions.

2- Striped Classic Fit Oxford Button-Up

Add a touch of modern elegancy with the all new Striped Classic Fit Oxford Button-Up shirt to your wardrobe. Be on top of the fashion with the enhanced version of normal button-ups with this edition. The classic mix of casual wear button-ups is what you need for your everyday wear. With the cool and classy design, you won’t have to compromise on the comfort no matter how you wear it.

The shift to a fashionable and stylish side of dressing won’t go unnoticed with the elegant hues. The fabric composition of 100% oxford cotton also makes it suitable for Egypt’s weather. The full button down style comes up with open chest pocket to keep your essentials within your hand’s reach.

3- Men Slim Fit Pique Polo Shirt

When we talk about summers, then polo t-shirts are a priority on the list to buy. The variation in the sizes and colors is another plus point of this design. The fabric composition also takes away the throne of best summer-wear for Egyptian scorching weather. A perfect addition to your wardrobe this shirt is what you should have to survive the hotness of Egypt. Made from 97% cotton and 3% elastane, it provides the comfort of a sweatshirt and stretchy texture. The two button around the collar provides you the option of wearing it how you like it. The slim-fit style is the key feature make you feel and look cool with the environmental-friendly elements for the manufacture.

4- Men Long Sleeves Plain Shirt

Get modernity in every inch of clothing with Men Long Sleeves Plain Shirt through the most comfortable selection of fabric. The fabric composition of 100% cotton adds the comfortable touch to the designing of this. The slim fitting allows you to move freely providing an insight of perfect everyday wear. The neck style is designed in shirt neck to allow you to wear it as a dress shirt too. Another good part of this shirt is the neutral hues, allowing you to pair it up with anything and any color. Be the in charge of your own style with this epic long sleeves plain shirt with the comfort and fashion in-check.

5- Men Front Buttoned-Down Plain Shirt

If you’re obsessed with long sleeves shirts and want to add more to your collection, then this outfit is for you. The button down shirt style provides the unbelievable versatility to the dress. Pair it up with your regular denim or use it for work-wear, it works for every place. The shirt is designed with the turn down collar to add the element of style to the fit. Get your hands on the largest choices and enhance your wardrobe with colors. From over 13 options of different hues, pick the best for you; or all of them.

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